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Letter to the Editor

  • This letter is in response to the article, "The Influence of Quality Improvement Efforts on Patient Outcomes and Nursing Work: A Perspective from Chief Nursing Officers at Three Large Health Systems."

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New Informatics Column Editor: Dr. Ramona Nelson

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New Informatics Column Editor:

As we post a new Informatics Column, we are pleased to welcome our new Informatics Column Editor, Dr. Ramona Nelson. Dr. Nelson recognized already in the early 1980s, after taking courses in computer assisted instruction and information science, that these new ‘machines,’ called computers, “just might be somewhat useful at the bedside and in the classroom.” She has been exploring and discovering just how useful they can be ever since. She looks forward to opening a discussion about how we as nurses in the inter-professional world of healthcare can maximize the advantages and manage the challenges that computerization bring to our practice.

Thank-you Dr. Linda Thede, OJIN Informatics Column Editor:

Thank you Dr. Thede for serving as the OJIN Informatics Column Editor these past eight years. Thank you for, early on, identifying how important it is that nursing be on board when the Electronic Health Record (EHR) ship leaves the harbor, for guiding us through some of the early ‘patient privacy nightmares’ related to the EHRs, and for helping us to understand the many benefits of using our Standardized Nursing Terminologies to strengthen the care we give our patients. You have indeed served us well as a ‘Pioneer in Nursing Informatics,’ identifying and demonstrating the multiple ways in which we can better serve our patients through computers and better serve our students through electronic communication and distance education.